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Toolern Vale Landcare were awarded $5270 from PPWPCMA Community Grants Program to install and monitor infrared cameras within the Wildlife Biodiversity Corridor. We then planted appropriate plant species for the wildlife within the biolink and work to removed the pest animals (mainly rabbits) that appeared on the footage. We then held a movie night in May 2013 to share exciting footage of our wildlife discoveries. This will be available on YouTube shortly. For further details please contact Sally MacPherson on 0414 529 867, or email


We have been awarded $5000 from Melton Shire Council to work in partnership with St Dominics Primary School and Melton Environment Group to establish a community vegetable garden.
Would you like to be involved?...volunteers are more than welcome to participate in the project any way you can - call Colleen Morrow 0418 599 766, or email


The Toolern Vale Local Area Biodiversity Action Plan 2006 highlights five fauna species which are endangered, threatened or near threatened in Toolern Vale. These include the growling grass frog, fat tailed dunnart, bibrons toadlet, striped legless lizard and the brush-tail phascogale. The report also highlights the Melbourne Gum as vulnerable.

The Toolern Vale Landcare Group is actioning the Toolern Vale Local Area Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) by developing two biodiversity wildlife corridors. These corridors will connect fragmented areas of bushland, allow for wildlife movement & refuge, increase biodiversity by allowing natural regeneration and planting appropriate native vegetation.

Melbourne Water is keen to work with us as our major on ground works partner. Those areas of the corridor along the waterway will be funded by Melbourne Waters Healthy Waterways Scheme. We will also be working the Melton Shire Council and liasing with Greening Australia and Western Plains Flora. Toolern Vale Primary School will construct the nesting boxes.

The Western Volcanic Plains have been productive farming areas and are now primarily in private hands. The biodiversity is at further risk of fragmentation by urbanisation. In order to protect the natural assets, it is time to act. These corridors will connect more than 982 ha of bushland with over 22 hectares (10.8kms) of corridors. The two corridors are situated along Ryans Lane, and Chapmans Road in Toolern Vale.

Toolern Vale Landcare are working with funding from Vision for Werribee Plains (V4WP), Toolern Vale Landcare funds, Melbourne Water, and Melton Shire Council. The project has a total funding of $284,243.

Further details can be obtained by contacting the project co-ordinator Sally MacPherson on 0414 529 867, or email


In 2006 five landowners accessed the Natural Heritage Trust to use a Bush Tender Approach to implement Local Area Biodiversity Action Plans. DSE managed this project. We estimate funding was approximately $45k. We do know that 2.2km of fencing was erected (some of which is rabbit proof) and over 3,500 trees were planted. This project is complete. This was the first step to implementing some of the action plan.

In 2004 we were awarded a Supporting Communities Grant for $5,000! This was supplemented by the the landcare group with $2,500 of our funding (not bad for a small community group). Toolern Vale Landcare purchased a dual axel closed canopy trailer fitted with a 400 litre water tank, tree planting and weed control supplies. These fantastic facilities are available for use by all landcare members & surrounding groups for treeplanting days.

In 1999 the Group was awarded $5000 funding to rebat the Toolern Creek Reserve Revegetation program. This involved fencing, major earth works and restabilisation of the creek bank & bed and revegetation works. This project was completed to such a high level of works the Toolern Vale Landcare Group received an award! (Well done all.)

In 1998 we were awarded approximately $30k of funding for Rabbit Busters work. This project was completed in 2001.

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